Friday, November 21, 2008

Being A Wedding & Events Planner as Well as Designing

For those who don't know me, my name is Cheryll Wilson, and I proudly own Majestic Moments - "Bringing Elegance To Your Wedding & Occasions". Now for those who know me must wonder how I fell into this business because my degree and technology, and president of computer clubs and member of National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), computer head and also raised on music. Well after loosing my job offers and being turned down job interviews, I decided to do something for myself. The year I wasn't working I became an assistant for a friend of mine's wedding company and who was starting her own thing. Working with her for free, I loved the work, no matter how stressed and tired I was. And it so happen I realized I knew more then her. One of my older cousin years ago got me addicted to watching The Wedding Story on TLC. And I became a wedding junkie. Up to now I live, eat, and breathe weddings. All I watch is wedding shows, and anything about desiging and building, and home. Yes I'm an HGTV, WE, Oxygen, Style, TLC, Fine Living junkie!

I don't care for doing something I don't like doing for a long period of time. So last year while I was at work i started writing up my business plan, 56 pages long. WOMP! Still wasn't sure if I was going to do it though. I kept changing my mind back and forth. By April my boyfriend who's now my ex couldn't take it no more and said Cher I believe you can do it and dragged me to get my business certification from the local government office here in Long Island. As of May 11, my dad's birthday also day before Mothers Day.....Majestic Moments was born!

It's now 6 months later. In the past few months I've come along way so far, and still have a lot more to go. I'm very passionate about Majestic Moments and what we offer! All I talk about is wedding and events! It hurt a bit when I lost my first clients for weddings (I was getting hired for events, and weddings previous I've done were pro bono). But I've been blessed in my 6th month point that I've been blessed with clients now coming. From high profile to small budget weddings. Events for non profit associates and hopefully my alumni from my college will be coming through shortly.

I love what I do. I love making my clients happy, and parents proud! It's thier defining moment! It's the couples right of passage in life! I'm blessed and honored to make my clients day come true! I don't believe in stressed out bride and groom and frazzled parents. Let me take on the craziness, so you can remember every moment of your day. I wish for every couple to say at the end of the wedding night...."wow that was the best day every and wouldn't change a thing, let's do it again!"

Remember - It's Your Vision, Your Dream, Your Day!

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