Friday, December 26, 2008

Tis The Season - To Be Booking New Clients

So the christmas season just finished yesterday and New Years is just around the corner. For me, this means the wedding season has officially started! Yeaaaaaaaaaah! I'm excited that the bridal season is here, and looking forward to working with the new engaged couples for 2009 to 2010! I'm still open to booking more brides and grooms to help them plan thier big day and to relieve thier stress, and make it the most happiest memory, moment and day of your life! 

I'm also excited that I will be renting out chair covers and saches online at the most affordable prices starting January! Don't forget to call me or email me for anything of planning your wedding or any other occassion or event that is important to you. I look forward to hearing from you, and I wish upon you a wonderful New Year, and that 2009 would be a successful and joyous year for you!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Engagement Season

So the "engagment season" is about to start! This is the time where we wedding planners start getting business coming out of our dry spell. It's the most wonderful time of the year just as the Christmas song says. This is the time of the year where most guys propose....right after thanksgiving all the way to Valentines Day.

So girlfriends....ready...get set...and go! A lot of planning is about to happen, and your busy schedule is bout to get out of hand! What to do? Why don't you hire a wedding planner. Majestic Moments is more willing to help you out, and take off the pressure and stress off your hands so you can enjoy your fabulous day! But you think...oooooo I can do it myself.....well here's some of the things on the list you need to have done!
  1. Ceremony Site (Major)

  2. Repeception Site (Major)

  3. Bridal Party (Major - they can make or break how smoothly your wedding planning goes)

  4. Theme (Major)

  5. Decorations for ceremony and reception

  6. Brides Gown (Major)

  7. Grooms Tux

  8. Bridal Party Gowns

  9. Groomsmenn Tuxes

  10. Transportation

  11. Bridal Accessories (viel, jewlery, make up, hair, gloves, tiarria etc.)

  12. Honeymoon

  13. Invitations

  14. Menus

  15. Dinnerware

  16. Glassware

  17. Centerpieces

  18. Programs

  19. Photography

  20. Videography

  21. Housing For Long Distance Guests

  22. Is It A Destination Wedding (Major)

  23. Place Cards

  24. Linen

  25. Save The Day

  26. Guest Book & Pen

  27. 2 Garters

  28. Flowers for Bride and Bridal Party (Major)

  29. Flowers for Decor (Major)

  30. Lighting

  31. Music

  32. Gifts

  33. Rings

  34. Aisle Runner

  35. Cake (Major)

So these are just few of the things that you have to shop and plan for...from the big details to the little details. O yes, there's much much more then that! Makes it harder when you only have 6 months or less to plan! Usually venues are already booked in a year advanced or more. Crazy isn't it? Wedding Planners have a good eye especially for the little details you wouldn't think about and help bring all your ideas and items together!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Majestic Moments - Bringing Elegance To Your Wedding And Occasions

Congratulations! You've just got engaged, and you can't stop smiling and beaming and showing of that shiny rock that your future hubby proposed to you with! So now you realized that you got this wedding to plan, but sounds scary and fun the same time and realize your gonna need help. So what is a future bride to do? Well that's what I'm here for - Majestic Moments!

Majestic Moments offers the most convenient, flexible and stress-free solution to planning your Big Day. This is a truly amazing time of your life, and we firmly believe that it should remain this way. The often daunting responsibility of familial demands and expectations, coupled with the stressful financial burden of the event can sometimes get in the way of the enjoyment of planning, and experience your wedding day! No wedding is too big or too small or too far for Majestic Moments to handle. I believe that your wedding day should be an "Experience" building up to a climax of an explosion of elements that you and your guest will never forget. - " The Wow Factor"!

And if your looking for invitations, gifts, favors for your wedding and other occasions, stop by, and you'll find what you need and more! Remember that it's Your Vision, Your Dream, Your Day!

Majestic Moments

Friday, November 21, 2008

Top Reason To Hire A Wedding Planner

One of the most joyous occasions in life is a wedding, a time when two people in love exchange those powerful words, “I Do”, which binds them legally as husband and wife. Although an exciting time of life, planning a wedding is also a very stressful time. For that reason, many people have discovered the benefits of hiring a professional coordinator to ensure everything comes together as it should.

1. Save money

Let a coordinator show you the ins and outs of saving money. Let us refer vendors that are in your price range, negotiate prices, helps you with a payment schedule that works well within your budget, and helps you create your perfect day!

2. Save time

Working with a coordinator saves you time in many areas. Already knowing and having a list of vendors and wedding venues will save you time so that you don't have to scout out and make trips to multiple venues. Each delicate detail is handled just for the Bride & Groom, attending to all those little details, making sure you are happy and satisfied!

3. Relieve stress & Burdens

The number one reason for hiring a wedding planner is to dramatically reduce the level of stress. Every wedding, even the best planned will have challenges. Unfortunately, when the bride and/or groom are the ones trying to handle all the obstacles along with everything else, they feel completely overwhelmed and suddenly, the enjoyment of wedding planning is out the door. With a professional planner, they supervise all of the events associated with your wedding so you no longer have to sweat the small (or big) stuff. That means everything from the delivery of the flowers, to the set up of the cake, to the limos arriving on time is taken care of for you. Let your wedding coordinator be your guide from beginning to end and act as a mediator. You enjoy while we do the work!

4. Advise & Adviser

Your wedding coordinator is there for any questions and concerns you have. We will be there to advise you and lead you along in the entire planning process. 5. “Day of” Management
Let your wedding coordinator make sure your entire day is ran perfectly & smoothly. Don’t rely on family, friends, or venue coordinators to make sure everything is in place. Let your day be enjoyable for you and your guests

6. Ideation and execution

Wedding planners provide expertise in conceptualization, planning, coordinating and executing all the wedding functions. In short, they take care of all your needs, right from the ideation stage to the final implementation. One of the major reasons why people hire wedding planners is that they can concentrate on the rituals and functions dedicatedly and enjoy the wedding, while professionals manage the event.

7. Supervision

They supervise all the events and pay personal attention to minute details. Wedding planners take on full responsibility of ensuring nothing is compromised upon. Being professionals, they have a methodological and systematic way of ensuring a flawless, memorable ceremony.

8. Professionalism

As skilled managers, they negotiate your payments and advice you about deposits, appointments, delivery schedules etc. Their approach to the whole function is professional, blended with a personal touch. They understand your wants and requirements and provide personalized advice that suits your needs the best.9. Good value for time and moneyConsidering the load they get off your back and amount of breathing space they provide you with, wedding planners definitely make their worth count. Add to it, you can enjoy all functions without having to worry about the sound, lights, music etc.

10. Financial Angle

They budget each aspect of the wedding, thus saving on other hidden costs. Often, there is a tendency to go over budget during weddings. No matter how much you tend to control, there are always some or the other hidden expenses that crop up unexpectedly. Wedding planners take care of this aspect as well by stringently following a pre-decided budget.

11. Creativity

Accept it, most of the guests get bored attending the functions. Apart from food, there isn't much they look forward to. Wedding planners can introduce the element of entertainment in our mundane ceremonies, thus making it an overall unforgettable event. They have ideas for all pre-marriage functions that are sure to have all your guests forget all about the food! By hiring a wedding planner, your ideas can be expounded on, enhancing your wedding.

12. Latest trends and Themes

Wedding planners are up-to-date with the latest trends in marriages. Yes, marriages also have trends and hence make a statement. Who doesn't want their weddings to be the best and the grandest? You have the resources, but no ideas. What will be so different about your wedding? Or the case maybe, you have a limited budget, yet want it to be a memorable wedding. That's where wedding planners step in with their innovative ideas and themes.

13. One stop shop

You don't have to run from pillar to post to make arrangements for the wedding. Wedding planners take care off all your needs. That is probably, one of the biggest advantages of hiring a wedding planner; you get all your needs under one roof. With wedding planners at the helm, all family members can relax and enjoy the wedding just like the guests.

14. Precise Detailing

For all weddings, there are so many small details that often, things get overlooked. One of the frustrations for the bride and groom is trying to maintain all of those details so the wedding goes off without a hitch. An experienced wedding planner knows all about the small details and has an outstanding ability of keeping track of them. He or she would sit down with the bride and/or groom and go over each aspect of the wedding, covering every possible angle so nothing is missed.

15.Insider Information

A huge benefit in hiring a wedding planner is that they know who the best of the best is. If you want a DJ, they can provide you with several top choices. If you want a catered meal, they can tell you exactly which caterer serves fabulous food at an affordable price, or if you want a horse drawn carriage to take you to the reception, they know who to call. For you, that means no time is wasted making phone call after phone call, only to walk away frustrated and empty handed.


Finally, hiring a wedding planner is an excellent idea if you want to save money. Because these professionals have connections with all types of people in the wedding industry, they can typically pass on excellent discounts to you. Keep in mind that does not affect the quality of the service, just the price.


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And So Much More…..If You Can Dream It, Majestic Moments Can Do It!

Being A Wedding & Events Planner as Well as Designing

For those who don't know me, my name is Cheryll Wilson, and I proudly own Majestic Moments - "Bringing Elegance To Your Wedding & Occasions". Now for those who know me must wonder how I fell into this business because my degree and technology, and president of computer clubs and member of National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), computer head and also raised on music. Well after loosing my job offers and being turned down job interviews, I decided to do something for myself. The year I wasn't working I became an assistant for a friend of mine's wedding company and who was starting her own thing. Working with her for free, I loved the work, no matter how stressed and tired I was. And it so happen I realized I knew more then her. One of my older cousin years ago got me addicted to watching The Wedding Story on TLC. And I became a wedding junkie. Up to now I live, eat, and breathe weddings. All I watch is wedding shows, and anything about desiging and building, and home. Yes I'm an HGTV, WE, Oxygen, Style, TLC, Fine Living junkie!

I don't care for doing something I don't like doing for a long period of time. So last year while I was at work i started writing up my business plan, 56 pages long. WOMP! Still wasn't sure if I was going to do it though. I kept changing my mind back and forth. By April my boyfriend who's now my ex couldn't take it no more and said Cher I believe you can do it and dragged me to get my business certification from the local government office here in Long Island. As of May 11, my dad's birthday also day before Mothers Day.....Majestic Moments was born!

It's now 6 months later. In the past few months I've come along way so far, and still have a lot more to go. I'm very passionate about Majestic Moments and what we offer! All I talk about is wedding and events! It hurt a bit when I lost my first clients for weddings (I was getting hired for events, and weddings previous I've done were pro bono). But I've been blessed in my 6th month point that I've been blessed with clients now coming. From high profile to small budget weddings. Events for non profit associates and hopefully my alumni from my college will be coming through shortly.

I love what I do. I love making my clients happy, and parents proud! It's thier defining moment! It's the couples right of passage in life! I'm blessed and honored to make my clients day come true! I don't believe in stressed out bride and groom and frazzled parents. Let me take on the craziness, so you can remember every moment of your day. I wish for every couple to say at the end of the wedding night...."wow that was the best day every and wouldn't change a thing, let's do it again!"

Remember - It's Your Vision, Your Dream, Your Day!