Friday, August 28, 2009

Sorry It's Been So Long

Yes I know, it's been a long time since I've blogged, but there's a lot that has happened, growth and changed, which is all good. Majestic Moments has now expanded and now has a divison called Majestic Moments Boutique. There we rent items and some items we sell for decor rentals nationwide & Canada. We offer sashes, chaircovers, table cloth, vases, plate charges, arbors, lighting, ostrich feather centerpieces, napkins, napkin rings, table runners, overlays, and more! Also the Majestic Moments team has now grown from just me and my cfo - rich, who's no longer with the team, my pr agent - sexy Randy as i call him, a great assistant who's name is Dorriane, an event planner - Currine and a intern - Melissa. I may hire more. So many people sending in thier resumes, being flooded with them in my email!

We got events coming up, such as concerts we're producing, weddings - including high profile clientele, producing a type of bridal expo that's never been done before here in NY, which i'm excited about! not ready yet to give out the full details on that just as yet! will definately keep you posted. And we're about to enter into the promotional world.

As the wedding season is about to wind down, Majestic Moments is gearing up and preparing for a new year, with many plans, and new business operations instore! We're excited about this new journey, and not sure where the road is gonna take us, but we're getting prepared, and planning each step!

I love each and everyone of our fans, readers, supporters! We hope to see you at the finish line of each of our goals!