Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Engagement Season

So the "engagment season" is about to start! This is the time where we wedding planners start getting business coming out of our dry spell. It's the most wonderful time of the year just as the Christmas song says. This is the time of the year where most guys propose....right after thanksgiving all the way to Valentines Day.

So girlfriends....ready...get set...and go! A lot of planning is about to happen, and your busy schedule is bout to get out of hand! What to do? Why don't you hire a wedding planner. Majestic Moments is more willing to help you out, and take off the pressure and stress off your hands so you can enjoy your fabulous day! But you think...oooooo I can do it myself.....well here's some of the things on the list you need to have done!
  1. Ceremony Site (Major)

  2. Repeception Site (Major)

  3. Bridal Party (Major - they can make or break how smoothly your wedding planning goes)

  4. Theme (Major)

  5. Decorations for ceremony and reception

  6. Brides Gown (Major)

  7. Grooms Tux

  8. Bridal Party Gowns

  9. Groomsmenn Tuxes

  10. Transportation

  11. Bridal Accessories (viel, jewlery, make up, hair, gloves, tiarria etc.)

  12. Honeymoon

  13. Invitations

  14. Menus

  15. Dinnerware

  16. Glassware

  17. Centerpieces

  18. Programs

  19. Photography

  20. Videography

  21. Housing For Long Distance Guests

  22. Is It A Destination Wedding (Major)

  23. Place Cards

  24. Linen

  25. Save The Day

  26. Guest Book & Pen

  27. 2 Garters

  28. Flowers for Bride and Bridal Party (Major)

  29. Flowers for Decor (Major)

  30. Lighting

  31. Music

  32. Gifts

  33. Rings

  34. Aisle Runner

  35. Cake (Major)

So these are just few of the things that you have to shop and plan for...from the big details to the little details. O yes, there's much much more then that! Makes it harder when you only have 6 months or less to plan! Usually venues are already booked in a year advanced or more. Crazy isn't it? Wedding Planners have a good eye especially for the little details you wouldn't think about and help bring all your ideas and items together!